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    I am asking for your vote for Deputy Mayor this election.
  • Together, let's get North Kawartha back on track!

A Message to Voters

Jim Whelan

Fiscally responsible and responsive local government are two of my main concerns this election.

I believe that in my four terms of Council we delivered exactly that: fiscally responsible government that was responsive to you the voter.

We built an amazing amount of new buildings that continue to provide services to you including the: Medical Center, Community Center, Fire Halls and Libraries to name a few. Some of these projects are shown below but they are all listed on my Past Performance page.

When I left office ALL of these facilities were FULLY PAID FOR, we had a TWO MILLION DOLLAR RESERVE and we had the LOWEST MUNICIPAL TAX RATE in Peterborough County.

Lets get North Kawartha back on track!

Some of Our Projects

Jim Whelan with $3M Cheque

Why I'm Running for Deputy Mayor

With all we have accomplished in fourteen years on Council you may ask why I am seeking another term.
The answer is simple, I look around me and I can see there is alot of work to do.
Let's get North Kawartha back on track!

PHOTO: Infrastructure stimulus fund cheque for $3,753,096.00 presented by Barry Devolin MP (L) & Rick Johnson MPP (R) to Reeve Jim Whelan (C) on June 12, 2009.