Past Performance


Jim Whelan

Thank you for your support over my fourteen years on North Kawartha Council.

You were a big part of the success we have shared. Please take a moment to review some of our tangible accomplishments over those four terms of office.

As you are looking at the photos please be aware that:

1. With one exception the funding for all of the projects shown came from Federal and Provincial grants
2. The only debt taken on by North Kawartha was paid off in 2013 with Ontario Partnership funding
3. When I left office in 2014 North Kawartha had the lowest Municipal Tax Rate in Peterborough County
4. When I left office in 2014 North Kawartha had a reserve of over Two Million Dollars

North Kawartha Medical Center

With the support of citizens and local groups $443,000 was raised and facility is debt free.

With the new Facility in place we worked with the Peterborough Health Team and got a fully funded full time Nurse Practitioner. The new medical facility and the Nurse Practitioner are both crucial to service the Medical needs of all of us here in North Kawartha.

Medical Centre: is new, improved and paid for.
Medical Centre

North Kawartha Community Center

The old Apsley Community Center required a new roof for about $3,000,000 plus other repairs.

Rather than spend $3,000,000 North Kawartha tax dollars we applied for and received four grants totalling $10,600,000 for a new Fitness Center and NHL sized ice surface.

The new facility is paid for, it hosts weddings, events and a Junior C hockey franchise.

Community Centre: is new, improved and paid for.

North Kawartha Fire Hall

The old Fire Department couldn't accommodate the equipment needed to meet Fire Marshall regulations.

10 acres on Hwy 28 were purchased via an OMPF grant and a tax receipt to the property owner for a donation of a portion of the purchase price.

We now have room for all the equipment needed for Fire, Medical and Search and Rescue, an OPP office and space for Fleming College Students.

Fire Hall: is new, improved and paid for.
Apsley Library

North Kawartha Library

The first Apsley Library was opened in 1939. In 2009 the Library was operating from an old MNR building and converted garage. The building was in serious need of repair and was too small to accommodate the book and DVD collections and high-speed internet section.

The funding for the Library came from the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund $582,272.88 and OMPF funding and is totally paid for including all the new fixtures.

The Library continues to be a focal point in our community. Since 2006 the Broadband Usage has increased 924% and book, DVD etc. usage is up 72%. The new library is not only functional but a very pleasant place to visit.

Take Away: Circulation is up 72%, Broadband is up 924%. Cost to North Kawartha: $0.
Ambulence Centre

North Kawartha Ambulance Building

The Ambulance shifted from one building to another and Council decided we needed a permanent base. We purchased the 20 acres behind and beside the Medical Center and approached the City and County for a new base on the Medical Center property.

The new base was paid for by the City of Peterborough, the County of Peterborough and the Ontario Government while North Kawartha supplied the land and leased it to City and County for 20 years at $1.00 a year at which time the base will become the property of North Kawartha.

We now have a base that will house 2 ambulances and comfortable accommodation for Paramedics between calls.

Take Away: New ambulence station with no debt but lots of comfort and security.
Wilson Park Library/CC/FH

Burleigh Anstruther Fire Hall / Woodview Community Center

In 1996 the Woodview Fire Hall was in the restaurant on Hwy 28 with 2 older model trucks and only 2 bays. There was no Community Centre. As Deputy Reeve of Burleigh Anstruther Township I chaired many committee meetings that produced a building design to handle both the Fire and Local needs.

It was funded by the Provincial Municipal Infrastructure Fund and was one of the first projects funded with the Federal, Provincial and Municipal input at a cost of $203,000.

The Community Center now hosts many events and the Fire Hall served North Kawartha well and enabled expansion in 2008. See: Fire Hall and Student Accommodations.

Take Away: First major project funded by Provincial and Federal grants rather than local taxes.
Municipal Office

North Kawartha Municipal Office

The Municipal Office was located beside the Royal Bank and the Council Chamber was located in the old jail on the site of the new building. Both were very congested and both needed extensive repairs to accommodate staff and ratepayers.

The new Municipal Office and Council Chambers were funded in full by the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund and built in 2006.

The result a bright user-friendly building with space to expand when needed. Broadband Internet has allowed Council to conduct all meetings by computer with the resultant saving of thousands of pages of paper at each meeting.

Take Away: A grant fully funded our new Municipal Office in 2006. It is cost effective and future ready.
Works Garage

North Kawartha Works Garage

The works Dep't was shuffled from one building to another and in need of a permanent location. Council was able to purchase the present site with an old building from the Ontario Government. The building was too small to be practical and the fumes were such the doors had to remain open so a new facility was required.

The new garage was funded by the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund $621,075.84 and by Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund.

The new Works Garage is a modern building with exhaust vents, room to store and service our vehicles, an office for our Road Superintendent and lunchroom for our employees.

Take Away: We now have a new fully paid for Works Garage that works.

Woodview Fire Hall Addition / Student Accommodation

The Woodview Fire Hall must cover a large area including the islands on Ston(e)y Lake so a larger Fire hall was needed. There was also an agreement with Fleming College Firefighter program to house students, have them do training exercises and, when qualified, attend actual calls.

The Infrastructure Stimulus Funding and the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund provided funding.

The Fire Hall now accommodates all our equipment including boats. The living quarters for six students are always booked and the trainees are continually at the top of their classes.

Take Away: The expanded Fire Hall is fully paid for and can accommodate all the equipment and students.

North Kawartha Helicopter Pad

With the purchase of the Boyer Property on Hwy 28 which is 10 acres Council was approached by Fire Chief Max McCauley of Emergency Services, who had the specifications to construct the pad and Ornge Air Ambulance certified it all and with Council approval a Helicopter Pad became reality.

Council through the hard work of our Fire Chief obtained funding through Ministry of Natural Resources, Ornge Ambulance and OMPF and the Pad was completed.

It is now used by Ornge, OPP, MNR, Ontario Parks and private helicopters and is the only landing area on Hwy 28 between Peterborough and Bancroft.

Take Away: The fully funded Helicopter Pad provides a significant boost to our Emergency Services.

North Kawartha Food Bank

The Food Bank is a service that was really moved around because every time we had them established we had to move them for new projects that would eliminate their work space.

When the old Community Center was sold the Food Bank was again out of a home. Part of the funds from the sale of the old Community Center was used to renovate a portion of the former Municipal Office.

The Food Bank finally has a permanent home. While we wish our neighbours didn't need this assistance it is an unfortunate necessity. Now our wonderful volunteers can concentrate on serving the needs of the community.

Take Away: We now have a permanent, fully paid for, home for our Food Bank.

Woodview Library

In 2010 the old (very old) Woodview Library was nearing the time when it had to be closed. Council felt it was important for the young people in the area to have a fully functional library and the residents needed high speed Internet.

The full cost of the new Library was funded through Ontario Municipal Partnership funding and is fully paid for.

The new Library has seen an increase in Computer use of 106% since 2010 and Book usage up 403% since 2007 a complete success story for all the residents in the area.

The new, fully paid for, Library has seen an increase in Computer use of 106% since 2010 and Book usage increase of 403% since 2007.
Jim Whelan with $3M Cheque

Why I'm Running for Deputy Mayor

With all we have accomplished in fourteen years on Council you may ask why I am seeking another term.
The answer is simple, I look around me and I can see there is alot of work to do.
Let's get North Kawartha back on track!

PHOTO: Infrastructure stimulus fund cheque for $3,753,096.00 presented by Barry Devolin MP (L) & Rick Johnson MPP (R) to Reeve Jim Whelan (C) on June 12, 2009.